2015 02 17 Spaugh Bands Bootleger HobartWFink 702

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HobartWFinkis indie grunge rockwa disaffected punk aesthetic. Lead singer/guitarist Jayk Gallagher blends touches of X, Sonic Youth, Queens of The Stoneage, and Dead Kennedys with such disparate influences as Elliott Smith, Nirvana, and Ben Gibbard. The sound is characterized by crystalline vocal harmonies emerging from gutsy garage rock with sharp transitions and eclectic song structure. (Bass: Riki Olson, Drums: Scott Gettlin)

"indie punkers Hobart W Fink play lots of mosh-worthy licks" - CMJ

Lead single "So Many Losers" debuted on KROQ Rodney On The Roq, and on Buzzbands KCSN. Also playing on KJEE, KEDG, WEQX, KCR, and over 100 other stations, the single and album charted top 10 on KKBB charts and top 20 on FMQB charts, debuting #174 on CMJ. Two songs were selected for placement in the cult hit "Sharknado 2" and it's sequel "Three Headed Shark Attack".

"The relationship tensions on ["Back and Forth Forever"] run ... deep as ... Jayk Gallagher and [former co-lead singer] Lauren Lakis trade off vocals and harmonize in some of rock’s fine traditions (think X, Sonic Youth and the Pixies ...) That ... [they] set their makeup/breakup to tasty indie/punk/’90s alternative licks make the audio voyeurism even better." - Buzzbands LA

"Hobart W Fink plays lots of mosh-worthy licks" - CMJ

"robust ... hard-driving indie-rock, spiked with ’90s-style riffage, tempo changes and twining boy/girl vocals" -- Buzzbands.LA

"How can you not adore ... Hobart W Fink" -LA Record

Jayk Gallagher 2014